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Stanley, our seasoned football expert, has returned! We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be regularly uploading FREE jackpot predictions every week from now on. These jackpot predictions were introduced just a few months ago and have already seen significant success, such as correctly guessing 11 out of 15 matches in June 2023.

We have firm confidence that Stanley will achieve a major win sooner or later, and we’re counting on all of you to be there with him!

Jackpot prediction

Jackpot Predictions


1HomeIraq vs Philippians
2HomeQatar vs Kuiat
3HomeOman vs Malaysia
4HomeSaudi Arabia vs Tajikistan
5AwayAfghanistan vs India

How the Mega Jackpot Works:

The Mega Jackpot operates seamlessly. Seventeen different games are selected by the sportsbook, and participants must predict the outcomes of all these matches. If a player successfully predicts the results of all 17 matches, they will win the Mega Jackpot. In the event that more than one player correctly predicts the outcomes, the prize pool will be evenly divided among the winners.

Furthermore, each bet placed requires only a minimal investment. Therefore, significant winnings can potentially be earned from a small initial bet.

Mega Jackpot Predictions for This Weekend (2024):

For those seeking Mega Jackpot predictions this weekend in 2024, you’ve arrived at the right destination. Explore our predictions for upcoming matches and utilize them to complete your betting form. We’ve assisted numerous bettors in securing substantial sums of money through football betting. Are you poised to become the next fortunate winner?

Additionally, predictions for midweek Jackpot matches occurring outside the weekend are also available for this weekend in 2024. While weekend betting tends to be more popular, betting on midweek games can still provide plenty of excitement.

Play the Mega Jackpot Today:

Simply visit your preferred online high-stakes bookmaker and select the Mega Jackpot option to get started. After making your predictions, await the results to see if you could emerge as the next winner of this remarkable betting competition!

How many matches should I get right in order to win the Mega Jackpot?

At least 17.?

How many wins do I need to win a normal Jackpot?

This depends on the bookie, but 15 is the standard number.?

What bookies offer jackpots?

This depends on your location, but mostly you’ll find the best jackpots in the African market.?

Where can I get free Jackpot tips?

There are several websites that do this, including MightyTips, so enjoy our Jackpot tips!?

Why should I bet on jackpots?

Mostly for the potential earnings you can have. Jackpots are known for being online betting lotteries, so you can expect to invest a small amount and get back a great return.

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