10 Amazing Record-Breaking Womens Football Facts

Womens Football Facts: check out these top-scoring footy facts for 12 reasons why and how women’s football just keeps getting better and better!

The rise of women’s football is undeniable! With each passing year, the spotlight on the women’s game grows brighter, igniting a spark of inspiration in countless women and girls eager to join the beautiful sport. Yet, let’s not forget, women’s football is not a recent phenomenon – its roots run as deep as the inception of the game itself! Delve into this captivating compilation of 12 remarkable women’s football facts, showcasing the journey we’ve embarked upon and the exciting prospects that lie ahead!

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1. Ancient Origin

While many associate football primarily with English roots, its origins trace back to Ancient China, dating back approximately 2,300 years! The ancient game of cuju, pioneered by emperors, served not only as entertainment but also as a strategic tool for training soldiers. Remarkably, historical records even document women’s involvement in the sport during this time. Han Dynasty paintings vividly depict women engaging in matches, showcasing their prowess with hair elegantly tied up as they tackled opponents. It’s fascinating to note that women were playing football millennia before the advent of English Association Football!

 Womens Football Facts
Ancient Cuju Chinese soccer

2. Footy as we know it

While women’s football shares the rich historical legacy of its male counterpart, it endured a prolonged journey to garner recognition and widespread popularity. However, women’s involvement in the sport dates back to the inception of modern football. Remarkably, the first recorded women’s football match took place in 1881, pitting a team of English players against their Scottish counterparts in a highly anticipated showdown dubbed “England vs Scotland.” The match captivated audiences of the era, drawing considerable attention. Interestingly, Scotland emerged victorious in this historic encounter!

3. The BLFC

Established in 1895 in London, the British Ladies’ Football Club (BLFC) marked a significant milestone in the history of women’s football. Spearheaded by the esteemed Lady Florence Dixie, the club introduced innovations such as shin pads and specialized football boots for its players, pioneering advancements in the sport. In a dazzling debut year, the BLFC organized a North vs. South of The Thames match, captivating the imagination of over 10,000 paying spectators. The thrilling encounter culminated in a resounding victory for the North, triumphing with a scoreline of 7 – 1.

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4. World War 1

Amidst the turmoil of the First World War, while men were engaged in conflict across Europe, women’s football experienced a remarkable resurgence. With many men away on military duty, women stepped into vital roles in factories, particularly in the industrialized North, where a burgeoning interest in women’s football took root. New teams sprouted, leagues formed, and the sport flourished in unexpected ways. Spectatorship soared as matches became popular attractions, exemplified by a notable match in Preston in 1917, which drew crowds numbering in the thousands.

5. But then men happened

Following the conclusion of World War I, when men sought to reclaim ownership of football, the Football Association (FA) infamously imposed a ban on women’s participation, deeming the sport “unsuitable” for them. This unjust prohibition relegated women to the sidelines, depriving them of the opportunity to engage in official matches. For an extensive period, women were relegated to practicing in parks, excluded from the stadiums where they once showcased their talent. This archaic decision was unfounded then and remains so today, serving as a stark reminder of the systemic barriers women faced in the world of football. Boo indeed!

6. 50 years of hurt

The absurdity persisted for an astonishing half-century, with women unjustly sidelined from professional football until 1971 when FIFA finally overturned the ban, permitting women’s participation once more. This pivotal moment in football history was not achieved without resistance. Courageous individuals defied the unjust regulations, establishing their own women’s football groups in defiance of the ban. It was the determination and resilience of these trailblazing women that ultimately compelled the Football Association to relent and acknowledge the rightful place of women in the sport. They deserve every accolade for their unwavering commitment to equality in football.

7. The first ever international match!

With the establishment of the Women’s Football Association (WFA), progress surged forward rapidly. Just a year after its inception, the first official international match between England and Scotland was organized. In a thrilling encounter, England emerged victorious with a 3 – 2 triumph, reclaiming a victory that had eluded them 91 years prior. Throughout the 1970s, ’80s, and early ’90s, the WFA played a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of women’s football, laying the groundwork for its burgeoning popularity and widespread acceptance.

8. Record breakers

In a historic moment for women’s football, a remarkable record was shattered in 2022. At the iconic Camp Nou stadium in Spain, a staggering crowd of 91,553 fans gathered to witness a thrilling clash between Barcelona and their arch-rivals Real Madrid. It marked FC Barcelona women’s debut appearance at the renowned stadium, and they delivered an electrifying performance, securing a sensational 5-2 victory over Real Madrid.

This monumental event not only showcased the immense talent and appeal of women’s football but also set a new benchmark, boasting the largest attendance ever recorded at a women’s match. Interestingly, this attendance figure far surpassed that of a match between the men’s teams of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona just 10 days prior, where a modest 60,000 spectators turned up—a testament to the growing popularity and significance of women’s football on the global stage.

9. Euros

In another unforgettable moment for football in 2022, the Lionesses soared to victory, clinching the Euro 22 cup in spectacular fashion! Their triumph unfolded at the hallowed grounds of Wembley Stadium, where they triumphed over Germany in a riveting showdown witnessed by a crowd of 87,000 passionate fans. This historic achievement reverberated across the United Kingdom, igniting immense pride and joy among football enthusiasts nationwide. The Lionesses’ Euro 22 victory not only etched itself into the annals of sporting history but also elevated the status and reverence of women’s football to new heights within the UK, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who witnessed their remarkable journey to glory.

10. Legendary goal scorers

The prolific Canadian striker, Christine Sinclair, holds a remarkable distinction in both men’s and women’s international football. Since her dynamic performance, netting two goals within the first 23 minutes of Canada’s 2020 match against St Kitts & Nevis, Sinclair has maintained her position as the leading goalscorer. Her unparalleled achievement reached new heights in 2022 when she notched her 189th goal in 310 matches—a testament to her unparalleled skill and consistency on the field.

Comparing her remarkable feat to the highest men’s goal scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo, who boasts 117 international goals for Portugal, Sinclair’s record stands as a testament to her unparalleled prowess and dedication to the sport.

Furthermore, the illustrious career of Brazilian superstar Marta, heralded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, further underscores the extraordinary talent among female players. With such record-breaking achievements, women’s football continues to captivate audiences worldwide and inspire future generations of athletes.

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