Top 10 Managerial Rivalries of All Time in Football

Top 10 managerial rivalries of all time showcase a rare phenomenon in football, where managers engaged in fierce battles over the years. Among them, iconic figures such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, and Arsene Wenger feature prominently, underscoring their unwavering passion for the sport. GIVEMESPORT delves into these legendary rivalries, highlighting the intensity and significance they brought to the world of football.

Top 10 Managerial Rivalries of All Time in Football


Top 10 Managerial Rivalries
Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho

Managerial Record:

Guardiola: 12 Wins

Draws: 6

Mourinho: 7 Wins

Mourinho once again finds himself in the spotlight, this time facing off against his longtime adversary Pep Guardiola. During Guardiola’s tenure at Barcelona, the two clashed multiple times, with Mourinho notably orchestrating a defensive masterpiece that stunned the Spanish club in the 2010 Champions League semi-finals. Subsequently, Mourinho transitioned to Real Madrid, renewing their rivalry in the El Clasico matches. Despite coaching one of the most formidable teams in history, Guardiola often emerged victorious. This trend continued when both managers moved to England. However, Mourinho had his moments of triumph against Guardiola while managing Tottenham Hotspur, notably securing several memorable victories at home.


Sir Alex Ferguson vs Arsene Wenger

Managerial Record:

Ferguson wins: 23

Draws: 10

Wenger: 16

Arsenal and Manchester United emerged as the top teams in English football during the 1990s and continued their dominance into the 2000s until the rise of Chelsea. Wenger expressed dissatisfaction at times, alleging fixture arrangements favored Manchester United, leading to a refusal to shake hands with his rival. However, Wenger eventually gained the upper hand over Sir Alex Ferguson in 2002. Ferguson felt the sting of Wenger’s success, particularly with Arsenal’s title win in the 2002 season and their invincible campaign in 2004. Despite these setbacks, Ferguson concluded his career with a win percentage exceeding 50%.


Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopps

Managerial Record:

Guardiola wins: 11

Draw: 6

klopps: 12

Jurgen Klopp is set to leave Liverpool after the 2023/2024 season, marking the end of a storied Premier League rivalry. Both he and Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager, have shared a deep mutual respect, shaped by their dominance in English football. Their encounters have produced unforgettable moments, such as Guardiola’s two Premier League titles narrowly won over Klopp’s Liverpool and Klopp’s memorable victory over Guardiola’s team in the Champions League at the Etihad Stadium. This rivalry is distinguished by their quest to assert dominance against one another, making it a standout in English football history.


Arsene Wenger vs Jose Mourinho

Managerial Record:

Wenger wins: 2

Draw: 7

Mourinho win: 10

Arsene Wenger and Mourinho, widely regarded as two of the greatest managers in history, were destined to collide on the touchline, especially given their stints at Chelsea and Arsenal. Their rivalry reached a pinnacle in 2014 when they clashed in the technical area at Stamford Bridge, showcasing their mutual animosity. However, Wenger seldom emerged victorious against his adversary, securing just two wins out of 19 encounters. This rivalry, accompanied by a consistent exchange of verbal jabs year after year, stands as one of the most iconic in football history.


Sir Alex Ferguson vs Kevin Keegan

Managerial Record:


Draw: 6

Kevin Keegan: 4

Newcastle United, despite a promising 12-point lead under Kevin Keegan’s management in 1996, fell short of clinching the Premier League title, facing a dramatic collapse late in the season. Keegan’s famous quote expressing his desire to beat Manchester United showcased the intensity of the rivalry, but Newcastle ultimately lost 1-0 to United, surrendering the title. Keegan’s disappointment deepened with a 4-0 defeat to Ferguson’s team in the following season’s opener, leading to his resignation midway through that campaign. Throughout the rivalry, Ferguson consistently maintained the upper hand.

Rafa Benitez vs Sir Alex Ferguson

Managerial Record:

Benitez: 6

Draw: 2

Kevin Keegan: 8

Rafa Benitez arrived at Liverpool in 2004, engaging in a fierce rivalry with Sir Alex Ferguson, facing off against each other 16 times throughout their careers, with Benitez securing only six victories. Their rivalry, representing the deep-seated animosity between Liverpool and Manchester United, was marked by frequent snide remarks exchanged between the two managers. In a notable incident in 2009, Benitez aired his criticisms of Ferguson in an interview, punctuating each point with the word “fact.” Despite the ruthless critique, Ferguson dismissed all accusations and asserted his superiority as a coach. With eight victories over Benitez, the Scottish manager notably asserted his dominance in this rivalry.


Brian Clough vs Don Revie

Managerial Record:

Brian Clough: 1

Draw: 1

Don Revie: 6

In the earlier days of football, Don Revie had established Leeds United as a dominant force in the early 1970s, before Brian Clough assumed the managerial role at the club. While it’s typically uncommon for managers to openly criticize their predecessors, Clough disregarded this norm, controversially suggesting that any trophies won under Revie’s tenure should be disregarded due to unfair means. This sparked a chaotic and heated television interview between the two in 1974, where insults were exchanged, illustrating the depth of their animosity towards each other. Such unrestrained confrontations are unlikely to occur in the modern era of football as they once did.


Jose Mourinho vs Rafa Benitez

Managerial Record:

Jose Mourinho: 9

Draw: 4

Rafa Benitez: 6

Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho made their entrance into English football in the summer of 2004, with Benitez taking charge at Liverpool and Mourinho at Chelsea. Their inaugural season in the country saw them engage in a fervent rivalry, with Chelsea dominating in the Premier League while facing staunch opposition from Liverpool in two Champions League semi-finals and an FA Cup semi-final.

The two managers didn’t hold back in exchanging insults, with Benitez branding Mourinho a ‘specialist in European failure,’ while Mourinho derided his rival’s team as ‘boring.’ Their rivalry transcended borders as it followed them to Italy. Benitez struggled to replicate Mourinho’s triumphs at Inter Milan, leading to his dismissal after just six months at the helm. It’s a rivalry that will be remembered for generations to come.


Gary Megson vs Neil Warnock

Gary Megson and Neil Warnock appeared to harbor animosity towards each other, a sentiment that came to a head during the infamous ‘Battle of Bramall Lane’. The match descended into chaos, ultimately being abandoned after 82 minutes. Initially, Megson’s West Brom seemed to be dominating against Warnock’s Sheffield United, especially after Sheffield United goalkeeper Simon Tracey was sent off early in the game.

However, the chaos escalated further when Sheffield United’s Georges Santos received a red card for a reckless challenge, followed by teammate Patrick Suffo being sent off in the ensuing melee. With the hosts reduced to just six players (plus two more due to injury), the match was called off, and West Brom was awarded the victory. Warnock incurred a £300 fine as a result, underscoring the intensity of their rivalry.


Arrigo Sacchi vs Fabio Capello

Firstly, the rivalry between these two managers sent shock-waves through football at the time. Both legendary managers helped AC Milan to glory, yet they had to go through drama to do so. In 1987, Fabio Capello was replaced as AC Milan coach by Arrigo Sacchi. Several people were against Sacchi’s appointment due to Capello’s superior playing record. AC Milan impressed under Sacchi for four years, yet he was eventually replaced for being too demanding on club funds and the players. In came Capello – again, who also succeeded with the club. They only faced each other once on the pitch, but they have always been bitter rivals due to their spells at AC Milan.

Managerial Record:

Sacchi wins : 0

Draw: 1

Fabio Capello: 0

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