Which Football Team Does Will Ferrell Support?

Will Ferrell

Which Football Team Does Will Ferrell Support?

Will Ferrell : As one of the most popular sports in both the UK and the world, the emergence of celebrity fandom is an increasingly prevalent trend within the game.

Some teams such as Manchester City have ties with local celebrities like Noel and Liam Gallagher, while others attract celebrity supporters for commercial purposes, such as Sylvester Stallone seen backing Everton at Stamford Bridge.

Actor Will Ferrell is globally recognized for his roles in Elf, Anchorman, and Step Brothers. Away from the screen, he has been outspoken about his passion for sports.

Originating from Irvine, California, there might not seem an obvious connection for Ferrell to endorse a UK-based football team – yet he does. Will Ferrell is a dedicated Chelsea FC supporter. He also backs LAFC, of which he is a part-owner.

The exact reason for Ferrell becoming a ‘blue’ is relatively unknown, but his allegiance to the club dates back to at least 2009, and he has mentioned his support for Chelsea in numerous public appearances.

Keen Sports Enthusiast
It may be difficult to believe now, but Will Ferrell’s initial passion was indeed sports. Growing up in a predominantly Christian household, Ferrell engaged in sports as much as possible and was involved in various community sports groups in Irvine, California during his youth.

During middle school, he participated in American football and basketball teams and served as captain of the school’s soccer team. This instilled in him a lasting love for the game and admiration for those competing at the highest level.

Ferrell’s interest in sports was so intense that he enrolled at the University of Southern California to pursue a degree in sports information, with his original intention being to become a sports broadcaster.

Although he completed his studies and graduated with a degree, by the end of his course, Ferrell had realized that sports broadcasting was no longer the career path he wanted to follow.

Throughout his studies, however, he maintained his fitness and regularly took part in sports fixtures, including numerous football matches for his university.

Search for a Football Team
The global appeal of the Premier League surged significantly during the 2000s, with Chelsea reaching the zenith of their dominance during this period. Led by the charismatic Jose Mourinho and backed by Roman Abramovich’s billions, Chelsea, along with Manchester United, were the most sought-after teams.

As part of Chelsea’s strategy to enhance the club’s profile, they played matches abroad to increase their fan base as they aimed to compete with the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United in terms of global revenue. The Blues frequently played pre and post-season matches in America, which is where Will Ferrell’s association with the club began.

During a pre-season game in 2009, Will Ferrell was appointed as Chelsea’s honorary captain for the match against Inter Milan and posed alongside John Terry, both wearing the full kit.

Undoubtedly, publicity was the primary objective for both Ferrell and Chelsea, but the connection between Ferrell and the club has remained strong ever since.

Boardroom Bill

Numerous parallels can be drawn between the fame and visibility enjoyed by celebrity actors and sports stars, often leading to their mingling within the same social circles.

This trend of networking culminated in the formation of a conglomerate comprising Will Ferrell, former US women’s soccer star Mia Hamm, and NBA legend Magic Johnson. These three celebrities, alongside other financial backers, assumed control of the new MLS franchise, LAFC.

Since joining the top echelon of American soccer in 2018, LAFC has clinched two trophies in its relatively brief existence and appears to be progressing in the right direction. Will Ferrell plays an integral role within the club’s framework, actively participating in decision-making processes and frequently attending LAFC fixtures.

Being financially invested in a football team can entail its share of pressures, yet Will Ferrell seems to approach his role at LAFC with the appropriate attitude. Alongside Chelsea FC, he now has two teams to fervently support on matchdays.

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